Gust Evo Polarized sunglasses


> Cat 3 polarized lens – vertical polarization for use on the water, facilitates the reading of the water
> Hydrophobic coating – be amazed as water simply bounces off
> Blue lens color – for perfect vision on water
> Covering wrap-around frame and close to the face – for good sun protection and compatible with helmets
> Grip tech – soft comfort material on the arms but non sticking to the hair, ensuring the glasses stay on
> Adjustable nasal support – for optimal hold and comfort
> Elastic cord – to not lose them

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These glasses are equipped with quality lenses that provide vertical polarization of high performance (category 3), 100% UV (ideal filtration for sunny use on water), with a hydrophobic coating.

The streamlined shape of these glasses effectively protects the face by preventing UV light from passing. The arms are curved for a better fit with a helmet or cap. The nasal support is easily adjustable to fit all noses.

These glasses are equipped with a elastic head cord to not lose them.

Available in 3 different sizes, you can also customize your look with these interchangeable rubber arms to suit your mood.

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M, L, XL


mat black, mat white


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