I am professional catamaran sailor (A-class, F-18, Nacra 17). My prime achievement till now are 2nd and 3rd places in A-Class World Championships (2017, 2019). 

Foiling made boat equipment more complicated, much more adjustments are needed to achieve optimal speeds. Any small detail can result in lowering performance of the boat and having less fun on sailing it.

I have spent a lot of time working with Exploder on finding optimal equipment to be used on my and customer boats. Sailing on Nacra 17 in Polish National team also gave me a lot of experiences in making sailing setup reliable and fulfilling all requirements.

Finally, I set up this e-commerce site to make life of sailors easier and offer tested and working equipment dedicated for catamaran sailors of different classes looking for working and proved solutions. Practically all of hardware offered on this site is/was used by me, and never caused problems.

Tymoteusz Bendyk Sail & Science

ul. Świętopełka 45

81-524 Gdynia

NIP: 586-226-52-42

REGON: 364580231

mail: sailandscience@gmail.com